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Support through Food

Money is tight right now for nearly everyone. Shawn and I are hanging in there, and we want to support people who aren't as lucky while also making things work with less than we're used to. We're really trying to be conscious about our spending so that we support A) local businesses and B) good people. Number one way to do that, for us, is through food. We need to eat and the food industry has been the worst hit. Also: Lord, the days are long! We really look forward to our one shared meal each day, after the kiddo is asleep. It's nice to do something special with it. So, if you are in the same boat, here are some great places to consider supporting, while making a take-out date night special.

Kaia Wine Bar (Upper East Side)

Amazing South African food! "But it's a picture of tacos?" you say. Yes, there's a taco section of the menu too and they are divine. Beyond the excellent food: Kaia has been sharing meals with health care workers for free since all this began. They're open for regular take out PLUS have two Covid-19 specials running—a farmers market where items which can be added to your order (including $1 toilet paper rolls!) and a subscription meal plan. You can preorder $15 meals to be delivered to your house two to six days a week, and you don't have to be on the Upper East Side for the service. They will deliver wine and cocktails as well. Kaia is a true New York treasure and they are hurting hard. There is a GoFundMe page for their staff up on their site, with a very touching note from the owner. These guys are doing everything they can to stay open and get meals to those who need them. Show this place some love!

Silver Moon Bakery (Upper West Side) Silver Moon is still open and is one of the best places for dessert or bread in New York City. They are known for their challah, but I'd holla for almost anything on their menu (mom's can rock Dad jokes, too). A little sumthin' sweet from here would elevate any evening. Plus, Silver Moon is offering a free loaf of bread to anyone who can use it, students need only show their IDs. And they're offering free deliveries to senior citizens in the area. Thank you S. Moon!

The Village Den (West Village)

Crazy healthy food that is also crazy good. There is an amazing amount of variety—full meals, sides, pastries, a coffee bar (so you could go pick up something for dinner in the afternoon and order a coffee and pretend like life is normal and you're just going back to work), and even "TV dinners" you can pop in the fridge for later in the week. AND, they are giving free meals to hospital workers right now. You can also donate meals on their website.

Franks, Lil' Frankies, and Supper (East Village) These are institutions in this city and if you don't know this restaurant group, I question if you are a New Yorker. Pizza and pasta the best you can find, at very reasonable prices. And they are FUN restaurants. I'm an ambience snob, and these are some of my go-tos. Take out is KILLING ME. But we must keep these guys around! And they are feeding hospital staff around the city. So take some pizzas home and make your own ambience!

Mesa Coyoacan (Williamsburg)

This might be the best Mexican in any borough. I wish it was closer to me; I'd be there every night. If you are in Williamsburg, this needs to be on your list. They're open for regular take out and delivery, and are teaming up with Feed The Frontlines NYC to bring food to nearby hospitals.

Imperfect Foods (everywhere!)

We can't go out every night. But we can avoid ordering our groceries from Amazon. Imperfect foods is an affordable, socially conscious alternative. They were founded as an answer to the amazing amount of food waste our country produces. Throughout the epidemic they have been donating to food banks and providing discounted groceries to those in need. It's also cheaper. Check out their website and make the switch! We've been onboard for a few months now and love it.

Got other local businesses who need some praise? Let us know! Happy eating and stay strong NYC!

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