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More Ways to Avoid the Covid 19 (lbs): The FREE STUFF!

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

You guys, HUGE thank you for all the virtual exercise suggestions. I have so much to share with you that I have to split this up into multiple posts. I'm just giving you the crib notes versions here, if you need more info, reach out! Here goes, first the free stuff—

Mark Fisher Fitness

Yes, Mark himself has said he does not want cost to be a barrier to "nailing your health and hotness" right now. Thank you Mark! Use these two codes for completely free classes at

Road Warrior (PDF workouts w/ video guidance): RWCOVID

MyBroadwayBody (Streaming workouts needing minimal space geared to actors): MBBCOVID

Yoga with Adriene

People love this woman. She has over 6 million subscribers, lots of free videos at every level on her Youtube channel, plus courses you can pay for at her website including prenatal classes. I got multiple recs for this lady, I'm excited to try her out.

Yoga Works

These guys have been around forever and have studios around the country. Now, all their teachers are live streaming from their homes. Just visit their site and pick a class! there is bound to be one going on whenever you visit, or you can add them to your calendar. There are so many to choose from and the website is very user friendly.

The Throwbacks

Need a good pick me up and haven't jumped on any of the modern exercise crazes yet? Not a time to try something new? No sweat! (See what I did there?) Richard Simmons, Jane Fonda, and Ellen Barrett are all easy to find on Youtube. I had several friends admit these were their go-to instructors at the moment. If the 70s, 80s, or 90s are your jam, know you are in good company!

Instagram Live Classes

Three people to follow on instagram who offer great classes on InstaLive:

@modoyoga (3 classes daily)

@Ryan.heffington (amazing dance party "Sweatfest", class times change but are posted)

@dbinstock (body weight workout tues/thurs/sun)

Last Resort

Homeschooling three kids AND expected to pull an eight hour workday? Or maybe you missed your workout window and the martini glass is calling? DO THIS FIRST!

Earn that happy hour!

But who are we we kidding, we're all earning our vices these days. Hope you get something out of this list that will help keep you sane. Next up: classes with a cost. Are they worth it with so much free stuff to pick from these days? Stay tuned to find out!

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