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Cutting Hair 101: Now for the LADIES!

Great news for all your partners-- a basic woman's haircut is way simpler than a man's! No rapid chopping required. Though I'm sure all you men look gorgeous with your newly chopped locks. Same warning-- we're only talking a trim. Discuss expectations first and trust all mistakes will grow out. Do know, women's hair generally takes longer to grow. You will have to live with this for a bit. So don't make this a whim after a few drinks. You'll be glad to hear slow and precise is the name of the game this time. Still, save the cocktails for the post-cut celebration. Again, all info comes from the incomparable genius of Jon Carter. Love to @jboydcarter!

Equipment required-- shears, a comb (teeth closer together preferred), and two larger hair clips. No need for the clippers this time, but a spray bottle might be helpful because you want hair to be wet and straight. Huge apologies to my curly-headed friends. By all means go for it, but you should get your hair as straight as possible first and remember it will be shorter when dry. Cutting curly hair as-is, is way beyond novice abilities. I can't recommend it.

So without further ado, here is the video to follow. WATCH IT! Don't skip the video. Then I'll walk you through the steps so they are crystal clear...

First thing to do is part down the middle and create two sections. You part your hair to the side, you say? Doesn't matter here, trust me, center part. Then section off a one to two inch wide horizontal section at the nape of the neck (this is easy to understand watching the video), and clip back all other hair. Then cut hair to desired length, pulling the hair taught with the comb and using it for the straight line. This section is now your guide for the rest of the haircut.

Drop the next horizontal section and cut it to the same length. Hint for nonprofessionals-- make the sections so fine you can see the guide through them. The video doesn't do this, but you should. Make it easy on yourself! If you can't see the freshly cut hair through the hair you are trying to cut, make the section smaller. It will take longer but that's just fine. Continue this moving up the head till there's no more hair. Now the guy in the video does a little more, looking at his model from the front, and this is fine to do, to a point. Look at the cut from the front and check out the line, you might want to clean it up. But don't cut any more length. And you're done!

Yes, the video goes on to cut layers. DON'T DO IT! I don't care if your amazon set came with special layering shears. Put down the scissors and step away. Now is the time to bring your partner a glass of wine. And go whole hog! Give her a real blowout (google it, you can't really mess this up, and no one likes blowdrying their own hair). Massage her shoulders, press on her temples, hand her a mirror and tell her she's gorgeous! You'll earn lots of quarantine partner points. And everyone's keeping score right?

I hope you've all had fun with your shears. Share your haircut pics. And if it didn't go so well, who cares! We only see the front of your head on Zoom anyway. Comb it back and know it is ultimately healthier now and all will grow out before anyone is around to notice. But. I bet you all found an amazing inner barber. Well done!

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