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Avoid the Covid 19 (Lbs) Third Edition: Classes worth paying for!

Alright, in this third and final (for now) post on exercise in isolation, I'm discussing some more class options that have a cost. I got a lot of recommendations, yet have ended up with a short list. This is because there are SO many great free options, I feel the ones with a cost need to be above and beyond, or offer something very different, to be worth it. Though, there are large exceptions to that. If you are in a routine that you can really stick to and are getting good results, that is worth it. Don't change a thing. Also, if you are supporting an instructor whom you know, that is really the best reason to pay for exercise right now. Support individuals in your community. But if you haven't found the activity you crave yet, here are some fun options--

The be.come project

This "body neutral" approach to fitness was started by Bethany C. Meyers and is quite an interesting take on being healthy. It isn't about loving or hating your body but about finding respect for your whole self, though movement. Subscriptions are $35 a month and each Monday a new 25 minute routine is released, which participants practice for a week, until the next one is posted. The routines are a mix of yoga, Pilates, and dance and are designed with repetition in mind. By the end of the week, the sequence should feel like a meditation of sorts. All are low impact and safe for all levels and even women who are pregnant. I'm pretty impressed with the website and tutorials. Right now they are offering a 10 day free trial, definitely worth checking out.


This next one I'm up in the air about. I got multiple recommendations for it, but it's OUT THERE. Maybe that's a good thing? The DailyOm website has Inspirations, Courses, and Horoscopes front and center on their home page. Their most popular courses include "Go Sleeveless in 14 Days", "Beginner Yoga in 21 Days", things like that. Sounds promising. Then you scroll on and there are tabs labeled "Self Improvement" and "Manifesting and Money" where you can find courses called "Make yourself a Money Magnet" and "A Year to Get Rich with a Purpose". I'm not sure how I feel about those. But. All the courses are "pay what you can" with three options- $15, $35, or $50. You get the same classes regardless what you pay, and the rate choices are the same if your class is 14 days or 365 days. I'm really only interested in the exercise and there are countless instructors with lots of very targeted courses. For $15, you might find a few worth exploring.

Obe Fitness

I need variety, but not too much (I know, try being my husband). I like rotating between weights, yoga, pilates, and cardio workouts, and want simple guidance on a schedule to follow that allows for choice. Enter Obe Fitness. They ask you to strive for 5 workouts a week, two "sweat" and three "definition". Most workouts are 28 minutes, with some 10 minute quickies and 45 minute Yoga flow. You can choose from live classes or on demand. There is a great variety that is not overwhelming, all labeled by level, and all workouts can be leveled up or modified as needed. All classes seem to take place in lit up cubes (slightly questionable) which seems to shout, "We're having so much fun, don't you want to join us!" I'm really hoping the instructors aren't all drink-the-koolaid types, but the set up is promising. There is also a private facebook group for subscribers to motivate each other that people really enjoy. The subscription is $27 a month or $199 a year, with a free one month trial happening now.


Last but not least, Glo is a very straight forward subscription website for yoga, meditation, and Pilates. What makes it stand out is the variety and specificity. You can begin your yoga practice or train to be a teacher. I really enjoy yoga, but have only really tried a few varieties. The possibilities here are super exciting for someone wanting to expand their practice, and the web design is very calming without being cheesy, which is a huge plus to me, especially at a time when I'm looking to get rid of the unnecessary stressors in my life.

And that's everything! Three posts of exercise choices. So many options and SO MUCH TIME. Pick one and go for it. Let me know what you choose and keep me posted on how it goes. Keep moving! And eating and breathing and laughing. And taking care of each other. Love to you all.

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