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Avoid the Covid 19(lbs)!

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

I read a facebook post yesterday about avoiding the scale during the pandemic. You guys, this time can be ANYTHING you make it. Yes, we might be prone to stress eat, and that's fine too. But if you don't want to put on the Covid 19, balance the stress eating with an exercise plan. There are so many good online resources that work in NY apartments. In normal time, I'm someone who does a combination of the gym and prerecorded online classes on the days the gym isn't possible. I've actually been able to do something close to that during this pandemic time. Here are my recommendations--


I've used for much of my gig traveling over the years, they are famous for the P90X and Insanity series. I've done both and they're great, very intense workout plans. On a whole they are more geared to men, I'd say, but their subscription gives other options. They have a 14 day free trial and a $59 six month membership. Pro tip, if you call to cancel after 14 days, they will offer you a free month. Who knows how long you can keep that up, so maybe you can make it through the whole virus without paying a dime.


Currently, I have a subscription to, because I wanted to try Barre. It's $30 for three months and I love it. I think there are more options geared to women and on a whole it's a little less intimidating, yet still intense. I'd also say there are more classes where working on stress management could be part of it, vs a coach yelling at you. Don't get me wrong, most of my life I'd prefer the coach, but definitely not now. Haven't tried to cancel yet, but I bet they would offer something similar. I do a 30 minute class of barre or yoga most days and get a lot out of it.

Hands On Pilates

Now filling my gym fix has been tricky, but I found The classes are lead by Samone Weissman, a former stage manager turned pilates instructor. I've known Samone for ages and adore her, but am loyal to my gym so I've never really taken true advantage of my pilates instructor friend. Before the pandemic, she was working at a few studios around the city and also had private clients she trained in their homes. Well, when all essential businesses shut down, she magically had a virtual class option up on her website the next day so I jumped in. I will say I was skeptical because it is pricier than subscriptions, $25 per class. Is there enough of a difference to be worth it? YES (that answer is meant to be shouted a little. Not in a scary way, just like really excited.) I say this for so many reasons. One, it's a group class. You have interaction with others, something I desperately need right now. Two, she is not doing the moves along with you, she is calling out moves and WATCHING you. So you get instant instruction and adjustments. I've been doing mat pilates in a live class for twelve years now and she corrected some habits that have never been addressed. And three, it's a complete workout and stress reliever in one. I can't recommend the classes enough. They are much closer to in person private classes than something you find on the big fitness sites, which are amazingly pricy. So really, these are a bargain. She also has a package deal, five for $100. I'm hoping to take a class once a week, she offers classes every day but Sundays. YES, social time and exercise while isolated! It's a big find for me, I hope you join in too.

But it's really only been a week and a half, I'd be excited to add other things to my isolation exercise program. What do you do? Post in the comments, Let's help each other avoid the Covid 19. But ya'll, if you gain some weight during this time, that's fine too. Just stay healthy and be easy on yourselves! We'll get through this, united while isolated.

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