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Spring Design Updates with Gary Brown

— Start with a thorough spring cleaning and open the windows and get some fresh air in. De-clutter and simplify your space.

— Spring is a time for rebirth and renewal and getting a fresh start. We all get tired of our spaces and furniture from time to time, but most of us aren’t going to go buy a whole new set of furniture every year, so try rearranging your rooms. Sometimes just moving a chair or a side table and lamp can make a whole room feel different.

— Add some fresh, brightly colored throw pillows and swap out the heavy wool and fur throws for lighter-weight options. — Change out your bedding with some crisp, new sheets and put the heavy duvet and blankets away in exchange for lighter-weight quilts and blankets — Add some fresh new towels to the bathroom. — Bring the outdoors in...plants, greenery, flowers. Don’t have a green thumb or adequate sunlight? Not an issue as there are so many great options of artificial plants, succulents, and flowers to choose from right now. — Buy some fresh-scented candles either in fresh florals (if your allergies can handle them!) or go for lemon, lemongrass, or verbena scents. — If your space is dark, which can be nice and cozy for those cold wintry nights, invest in some new lighting to brighten up your space for Spring, — Add some new artwork to your walls, either one large statement piece or a grouping of smaller, cohesive pieces. — Add a big bowl of fresh fruit to your counter or dining table. Now that your place is all cleaned, organized, and smelling great, use some of that fresh fruit to make yourself a nice cocktail, kick back, and enjoy your revitalized and refreshed home!

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